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At StoriesWithHoles.com, we offer a wide array of gifted and general education resources, including workshops for teachers, parents, administrators, and children. Our mission is to provide challenging resources and successful parenting and teaching techniques to improve writing, math, science, and creative and critical thinking among all children.

"We hope you enjoy our website. The products we offer engage adults and children to increase their critical and creative thinking abilities." -Nathan


SWH Vol.21   <font size="5" color="  red">available now</font>
All new stories by Nathan Levy.
Teacher's Guide to Trauma: 20 Things Kids with Trauma Wish Their Teachers Knew <font size="5" color=" red">available now</font>
By Dr. Melissa Sadin & Nathan Levy
Creativity Day By Day
180 stimulating activities for the classroom, home, car, or anywhere! by Nathan Levy and Amy Burke with Emily Fisher
Artistry    <font size="4" color="red">&#9733;</font>
Dynamic activities to develop artistic thinking and appreciation. By Eric gibbons & Kate McSwain with Nathan Levy & Scott Hobson
Thinking and Writing for the Brain 2 volumes
These unique books blend quotations and proverbs with critical thinking and writing skills. By Nathan Levy
A.C.T. 1 (Affective Cognitive Thinking)  <font size="4" color="red">&#9733;</font>
A workbook of activities designed for Gifted Students based on cognitive and affective process skills.

2012 revised edition by Nathan Levy