Building Believeable Characters

Building Believeable Characters
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by Marc Mucutcheon

They never lived and they'll never die. Margaret Mitchell, Joseph Heller and Harper Lee made these characters so believable they became immortal. Use this reference and you too can create characters who think, hope, love, cry, cause or feel pain, save the day -- seizing readers by the emotions.

Marc McCutcheon eases the process of building convincing characters for your stories and novels. He starts by conducting an inspiring and informative roundtable where six novelists reveal their approaches to characterization.

Next, he provides a character questionnaire more detailed than the nosiest survey. Fill it out and you'll know your fictional people as though you'd grown up with them.

Finally, you'll find a "thesaurus" of human characteristics -- physical and psychological. Fit them together artfully and your characters will climb right off the page.