The various topics for the workshops which Nathan Levy presents are of great benefit to educators, administrators as well as parents.Nathan gives the participants the skills they need to bring the information with them to their schools and homes.Other speakers are available: Jim Delisle, Stephanie Tolan, Kirk Weisler, Cally Flox, Carol O' Brien, Alison Brown. Call for information and terms. We can match your needs.

Some topics include:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking in the classroom.
  • 21stCentury Thinking for the 21 st Century Gifted Classroom.
  • Unlocking the Learning Potential of Gifted and Highly Able Students.
  • Reaching Hard to Reach Children.
  • Powerful Strategies to Help Students with Special Needs Be More Successful.
  • Helping Children Be Better Learners.
  • Practical Ideas for Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking.
  • Practical Ideas for Improving Writing and Critical Thinking in Gifted Children.
  • Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Learning of Gifted and Highly Able Students.
  • Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Training.
  • Building Successful Family School Partnerships.
  • Advancing Leadership Skills -Managing Conflicts, Making Decisions, Problem Solving-Creating a Quality School through Partnerships.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention.
  • P is for Perfect : Understanding and Coping with Perfectionism in children .
  • Social and Emotional issues for Gifted and Highly Able children.
  • Practical Ways to Improve the teaching of Math.
  • Practical Ways to Improve the teaching of Science.
  • Social and Emotional Needs.