Stretch Think Program Three

Stretch Think Program Three
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Each unit has 2 parts: Cognitive and Lateral. This book covers all the thinking processes of the CoRT Model: CoRT 1-Plus, minus and interesting. -Considering all factors. -Making rules ( finding patterns) -Consequences and sequesls. -Aims, goals and objectives -Planning ( short, med. and long term) -Prioritizing -Alternatives, possibilities and choices -Decision making -Other points of view.

CoRT 2 -Recognize known vs.reasearch -Analyse physical vs. perceived parts -Compare many ways--alike and different -Select solution from many options -Find other ways--unique solutions -Start--decide where to begin -Organize a plan to solve a problem -Focus on problem and goal -Consolidate - pull all ideas together -Conclude--trial or definte plan Plus... Bloom's Taxaonomy: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation